Crisis Evil III Santiago Infected OpenBOR
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Download Crisis Evil III Santiago Infected OpenBOR developed by non-profit fans and with new characters, scenarios and many improvements and compatibility. The inclusion of new characters and scenarios that we could only dream of make it a fun game that you can try for free.

This fan game makes possible something like a remake of the game with which it is possible to spend hours of fun thanks to the OpenBOR graphics engine. Don’t miss the opportunity to download Crisis Evil III Santiago Infected OpenBOR free now.


  • Language: English
  • Size: 220.22 MB
  • By: AZ Studio

Tested in:

Operating System:Windows 10
Processor:Intel Core I5
Memory:4 GB
Graphics card:1 GB
Storage:1 GB

Download link Crisis Evil III Santiago Infected OpenBOR

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2 thoughts on “Crisis Evil III Santiago Infected OpenBOR<div class="yasr-vv-stars-title-container"><div class='yasr-stars-title yasr-rater-stars' id='yasr-visitor-votes-readonly-rater-7d01169269f81' data-rating='3.5' data-rater-starsize='16' data-rater-postid='1037' data-rater-readonly='true' data-readonly-attribute='true' ></div><span class='yasr-stars-title-average'>3.5 (2)</span></div>”

  1. what on earth were you thinking ? i cant see what i m doing you cant know what you re highlighting unless you predict and guess what the controls are so screwed up that left and right actually are attack buttons ! the game sucks even before i play it now i m angry !

    • Hello friend, remember that the author of the game is up in the characteristics, it is AZ Studio, we do not make the games, we only publish the links shared by their authors, Regards


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