Download the best OpenBOR GAMES is a site where we publish tutorials, resources and free games developed in this magnificent free graphics engine as it is OpenBOR by the same fans of non-profit games. This game engine allows you to create your own version of game with hundreds of different worlds, characters, mods, textures, designs, scenarios, powers, abilities and much more thanks to its great community.

We try to gather the best OpenBOR games and additional resources that you can find on the Internet.

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We publish several tutorials to help you with the configuration of OpenBOR, so you can improve your gaming experience and enjoy it to the fullest, teaching you step by step all the details and how to solve basic problems.

OpenBOR Online

You can play OpenBOR online without downloading here on our website, as we will be publishing from time to time the games that can be played in this way on the same page and save you the need to download it and make the configuration.

Emulators for different platforms

We show the emulators and all the necessary steps for installation and use in each of the devices we mentioned, you can also leave a comment with questions, doubts or if you need to add any additional data or information.

What is OpenBOR?

OpenBOR is considered the king of the “beat ’em up” fangame engines of the last years. The word OpenBOR is an acronym for “Beats of Rage”.

As we know in beat ’em up games you always start by selecting a character to advance through different levels or scenarios in which you have to defeat a series of enemies along the way and then at the end of each scenario defeat a boss. All melee combat and game modes are basically designed to recreate the experience of the classic games of the 16-bit era, with its colorful sprites, fluid movements and addictive gameplay but with the detail that is developed by any of the same fans of the games, even you yourself can create one.

Who created OpenBOR?

This engine was developed in 2003 by the Senile Team based on the iconic 16-bit game called Beats of Rage.

The most important point of OpenBOR is that you can place any of your favorite characters in the games and make them fight with you or against you, there is a great community in charge of helping, creating, maintaining and continuing to give life to this platform in terms of character creation, moves and combos, scenarios, powers, graphic quality and constant updates to always improve.

Why use OpenBOR?

Imagine you want to put characters from Street Fighter, King Of Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball, Naruto to fight in a beat ’em up created by you, it’s all possible thanks to OpenBOR, its developers, the community and the fans. The engine’s ease of use, combined with its ability to create games with 16-bit era graphics and gameplay, has attracted an active and passionate user base.

OpenBOR has allowed independent projects and homages to popular franchises to come to life, as developers have recreated iconic characters, memorable levels and iconic moves and its open source focus on beat ’em up style fighting games with its customizability and focus on retro game graphics and gameplay

The creation of custom games and the ability to relive the nostalgia of classic fighting games has made OpenBOR an attractive platform for fans of the genre and retro gaming enthusiasts.