Guardians of the Hood 2 OpenBOR
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Download Guardians of the Hood 2 OpenBOR developed by non-profit fans and with new characters, scenarios and many improvements and compatibility. The inclusion of new characters and scenarios that we could only dream of make it a fun game that you can try for free.

This fan game makes possible something like a remake of the game with which it is possible to spend hours of fun thanks to the OpenBOR graphics engine. Don’t miss the opportunity to download Guardians of the Hood 2 OpenBOR free now.


  • Language: English
  • Size: 136 MB
  • By:  Pablo M Vera

Tested in:

Operating System:Windows 10
Processor:Intel Core I5
Memory:4 GB
Graphics card:1 GB
Storage:1 GB


Download link Guardians of the Hood 2 OpenBOR

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